Our Story

Carnivore Life Apparel was started because I always wanted to do something with my passion for creating. So I decide to design apparel for my co-carnivores such that it would bring a spotlight to the carnivore culture. After falling in love with my results from the Carnivore diet regimen, I found myself getting questioned about my method to optimizing health and having boundless energy. Here at Carnivore Life Apparel we are more than just a graphic apparel company, we want to serve as your source of everything that’s relevant to our community!

I started this company with the ultimate goal of spreading a positive message around the carnivore lifestyle. If you are browsing my shop, it is likely you have found the incredible feeling that comes with ditching carbs. As a proud subscriber to this underrated movement, I am on a mission to educate and inspire others to make the life changing decision to join the carnivore tribe.

When you are sporting our high-quality apparel, be ready to initiate in a passionate conversation of "Your" journey. Carnivore Life Apparel’s eye-catching, intentional, designs are meant to reform the meat shaming culture and bring facts to light.

Lead the health revolution and shop Carnivore Life Apparel.